PCR at Real-Time Speed

Our PCR Story

21st Century Lab Management.

Digital Test Tube is a PCR software company based in Ireland. We know at first hand the time delays, inefficiencies and frustration of current PCR methods, so we developed ‘Your Personal Lab Assistant’ to bring PCR into the 21st century and make your lab more efficient.



Real-Time Speed. Better Outcomes.

Operators have not been able to maximise Conventional PCR. DTT allows operators, researchers and labs to unleash the potential of Conventional PCR with an advanced solution which offers automation, enhanced optimisation and highly accurate outcomes at 'Real-Time Speed'.

Who, How and Why?

Digital Test Tube's founder worked extensively with PCR in the Nutritional Genomics Lab in Dublin City University and in industry, for a global IVD company. In these positions, he became very frustrated with time-consuming PCR calculations, manual LIMS systems and labelling of gel images using suboptimal software, but had a 'Eureka' moment as to a solution. He subsequently merged his thoughts with a Principal Investigator at the Molecular Biotechnology/Biocatalysis Research Group in WIT, and The DTT Cloud Software solution became reality.


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